Retain drivers through simple, repeatable, and measurable engagement and development.
Pivotal's Philosophy
Pivotal's retention timeline consistently engages and develops your drivers, so that they become a part of your fleet's family and culture.
Experience Pivotal
Pivotal's retention timeline uses all members of your driver management team to engage, develop, and connect with your driver.
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Why Pivotal?
Common approaches to retention create as many problems as they solve due to confusion, inconsistency, and poorly tracked results.
Pivotal's retention timeline scales smoothly across your entire fleet, and provides insight with actionable data.
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The Process
  1. Benchmark your fleet so that Pivotal can prescriptively engage each driver.
  2. Implement Pivotal's simple, repeatable retention timeline.
  3. See actionable measurements and make process adjustments in real time.
Our Experience
Over the past 25 years, Pivotal's founder Tim Smith has worked with fleets ranging from 10 - 5000 trucks to solve driver engagement challenges in safety, development, and retention.
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Next Steps
Pivotal retention is currently in a closed development beta. To be a part of our next rollout, register your interest today.
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