Retain drivers through repeatable and measurable engagement.
Drive customized engagement and development across your fleet by coordinating and empowering your management team, then improve your message with actionable data.
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The Pivotal Approach
Better engagement leads to lower turnover.
Whatever the cause of your turnover – compensation, home time, business type, equipment, or any other issue - better engagement is the solution that leads to diminished turnover. A driver that is engaged with the team and the organization is significantly less likely to leave, or even look elsewhere in the first place.
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Is Pivotal Right For You?
Every fleet has different needs. The Pivotal System offers robust customization that lets you take the best of your current practices and deliver them consistently across your fleet.
Once you get started, you can use Pivotal’s data insights to continuously improve the system and adapt to changing conditions in real-time.
Even inside your own fleet, you have unique needs. It may be a dedicated service that you are providing, a specific training track, or a specialized process. Any unique message can easily be added and delivered consistently.
How to Reduce Turnover
The Keys to the Pivotal Solution
Pivotal directs scheduled engagement, optimized to make your team’s work easier, not more complicated.
Repeatable Engagement
Every action is accompanied by tailored coaching and guidance so that your message is repeated effectively across the fleet.
Measurable Results
Every communication is documented and analyzed, delivering powerful, actionable insights into every level of your enterprise.
Data-driven Action
Create Visibility To Inspect What you Expect
How do you know engagement is happening? – You see it.
Pivotal Retention takes the guesswork out. Pivotal’s data insights let you see into every level of your organization to respond to changing conditions on the ground.
Know how well your managers are using the tools provided, which locations and managers have the best delivery, the issues drivers are most concerned about today, and more.
Pivotal Timelines
How Does Pivotal Engage Drivers?
First-Year Retention Plan
A new driver’s engagement with the team is critical to preventing turnover and building a lasting relationship. Our first-year retention plan integrates drivers into the team.
Flight-Risk Response
When a driver leaves, oftentimes it was preventable. Flight-Risk plans are your rapid response to turnover signals. Prevent the loss before it becomes a statistic.
Targeted Timelines
Turnover isn’t always voluntary. Targeted improvement plans are designed to reduce bad behaviors that lead to accidents, late deliveries, low productivity, and terminations.
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Taking the next step
Your Action Plan
1 Schedule a demo with our team to make sure that Pivotal is the right fit for you needs.
2 Successfully launch Pivotal across your fleet using our rollout playbook.
3 Continuously work with our team to aim to reduce your turnover by 50% within 6 months
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The Next Step
Want to learn more?
You can explore the Pivotal System to see more about how Pivotal operates or contact us to schedule a demo.
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