Proactively Retain Your Drivers and Dramatically Reduce Turnover
Align your message, engage your drivers, and proactively prevent turnover – all in an easy-to-use, sustainable system.
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Turnover is more than a statistic
What Could You Do With Lower Driver Turnover?
High turnover rates become a burden on growth, safety, and operational excellence because you have to retrain so much of your fleet every year.
If you didn't have to worry about turnover...
Could you grow your business faster?
Make your safety programs stick?
Hit new operational milestones?
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Built on a History of Success
Pivotal Retention is a new tool in the industry, but it’s built on a history of success.
Our industry expert Tim Smith launched Pivotal Retention’s system by hand across three separate fleets and nearly 6000 driver positions. After years of hard work managing everything by hand and perfecting the system, he achieved a lasting reduction in turnover of more than 40% at each fleet.
That’s a total of over $18M in turnover savings annually.
Want to see if the Pivotal Retention system can work for you?
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The Pivotal Difference
Quotes from the Pivotal Retention platform
Pivotal Retention creates a home for your drivers:
“The driver was grateful to hear we cared enough to put this plan together and is looking forward to his future interactions with other managers.”
“The driver is very happy with being part of our team. He said it’s the first company he has every worked for that actually seems to care about employees.”
And also creates a great system for feedback and operational improvements:
“The [location] drop yard is currently in very poor condition. She brought this to our attention. We were unaware previously. She provided pictures as well. This has been turned into upper management for evaluation and action.”
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Data-driven Action
The Key to Lasting Results
It’s not enough to just provide the tools to reduce turnover. You’ll need to gain insights into your team’s efforts and results.
Pivotal Retention takes the guesswork out. Pivotal’s data insights let you see into every level of your organization to respond to changing conditions on the ground. You’ll know how well your managers are using the tools provided, which locations and managers have the best delivery, the issues drivers are most concerned about today, and more.
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The hard costs of turnover
Calculate Your Turnover Costs
Your annual turnover costs:
Taking the next step
Your Action Plan
1 Schedule a demo with our team to make sure that Pivotal is the right fit for you needs.
2 Successfully launch Pivotal across your fleet using our rollout playbook.
3 Continuously work with our team to aim to reduce your turnover by 50% within 6 months
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The Next Step
Want to learn more?
You can explore the Pivotal System to see more about how Pivotal operates or contact us to schedule a demo.
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