All Hands On Deck

It's time to get your ship together!

By Tim Smith

All Hands On Deck

Troubled Seas

There is a storm coming – There are signals that demand in our industry is starting to decline.

Leading indicators such as the national tender rejections have dropped sharply over the last several weeks. Spot rates are starting to fall and many feel contract rates will soon follow.

The stock market is certainly reflecting this anticipated freight downturn as the Transportation Index has fallen 12% in the first 6 days of April.

There are many contributing factors to the downturn but the end result is the same; there is a storm coming and these choppy waters will need to be navigated.

Don’t wait any longer to get your team ahead of the storm. Follow these steps and your chances of success will be significantly improved!

Prepare your team

The first phase is preparation. Make sure that your leaders know the plan and are prepared to execute it.

Your leaders need to have the skills and tools to communicate effectively and consistently with their drivers. Aligning your message will strengthen the delivery, leading to improved results and the necessary trust from your drivers.

With rough waters ahead, now is the time to act.

Verify that your leaders know the message and how to communicate it to their teams.

This can be accomplished through discussion planners and the distribution of key talking points.

A ship sails in a storm.

With rough waters ahead, now is the time to act.

Batten down the hatches

As volumes decline it is paramount you retain current load volumes to shore up your business.

Less industry demand means your competitors will be looking to take market share. What’s the best way to retain market share? Well that hasn’t changed, provide great service at a competitive cost.

To achieve this, your most valuable assets - your people - have to be protected. High turnover results in higher costs, lower productivity, safety degradation and poor performance/service.

Countering driver turnover with an effective strategy focused on proactive actions is your primary defense. Find the key elements of a successful action plan here.

Navigate the headwinds

Sailors will tell you that when breaking waves, there are three critical factors: position, position, and position. A slightly angled approach will put the boat in the best position to break the wave and maintain course.

Executing the plan and effective communication are the equivalence of your position. Effectively communicating with your drivers and keeping the message on point and aligned is crucial to maintaining your drivers’ confidence in their leaders.

Pivotal Retention can help you align your message and provide the tools to facilitate the strongest communications possible. Through our automated platform, we will help you maintain the consistency needed to keep your teams in the right position.

Learn more here.

Follow your GPS

When visibility is low, the winds are blowing, and the storm rages, we rely heavily on our GPS to guide us home. When we venture too far off course, we must change our heading to bring us back on track.

Developing consistent and predictable interactions with your drivers will give you visibility to the indications that someone is headed off course. Adjusting your message to ensure effective communication will bring them back and correct their bearing.

To see how Pivotal Retention enables this course correction, contact me here.

Enjoy the weather on the other side

A ship leaves a storm

Surviving the storm is only half the battle, thriving in calm water after is the other!

Your trucks are full, your customers are happy, and your team is intact.

While others are recovering from the damage caused by lack of preparation and getting back on their feet, you will find smooth sailing with strong tailwinds!

Surviving the storm is only half the battle, thriving in calm water afterwards is the other!

Pivotal Retention is your “GPS” solution to reduce driver turnover

The Pivotal Retention platform is a software solution that promotes conversations and engagement between your drivers and your leadership team.

We provide an automated solution that is configurable to your fleet that aligns your team and your message allowing your managers to deliver the strongest communication possible. The content that we deliver to your managers provides them with company specific talking points as well as tutorials to aid them in delivery.

Through our data capture we create objective measures of performance that allow you to easily assess your team’s execution and where your attention is most needed.

Reach out to us today to schedule a demo and learn more about how we can help you reduce your driver turnover through proactive actions rather than reactive measures.

May you find fair winds and following seas!

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